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Attention: Aspiring Authors!

Unlock The Writer In You And Make An Impact With Your Story

A group coaching program for coaches, speakers, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs who are ready to write, self- publish and launch a best- selling book in 90 days.

It’s all more than possible for you. All you need to do is follow the system and do the work.

You'll Be Learning From A Coach Featured On:

Listen, Let's Be Real...

There are many ways you can learn how to write a book online, but it can be so confusing.

  • Asking questions inside your Facebook group and you have no idea who to believe.
  • Watch every video on YouTube expecting everyone to say the same thing.
  • Downloaded all the "free" PDF offered. Now you're overwhelmed because no one is giving you the step by step process.

And all authors who published books this way were frustrated and unsure if their books were published correctly, but...

I've written thirteen books with my new writing framework.

My Messy Story Became My Best Story...

Where it all started...

I married my high school sweetheart, but after a 23-year marriage ended, the emotional trauma left me in a state of hopelessness, severe depression, feelings of fear, loneliness, doubt, and thoughts of suicide. As the pastor's wife, I was devasted and broken because I had invested everything in him, our marriage, the ministry, and our children. Having no plan "B" this caused me to question my purpose, and if God would still use me. The smile I once had was hiding the pain and turmoil that was going on inside.

It took me going to therapy to realize God had another plan for my life...

I experienced a major breakthrough from years of therapy, prayer and a having a support group that encouraged me to believe God to restore my life and heal my heart. I had to learn how to love Paulette, even with all the flaws, and short comings. I had to love me and see myself the way God saw me. I had to learn how to feed myself the right diet because I was malnourished. I was feeding off fear, doubt, lies, despair and depression. I was determined to change the course of my life- in doing this that meant I had to take care of me. Take care of me emotionally, spiritually and financially.

The power of storytelling...

After doing the internal work, I received a nudge from God to share my story of restoration. I learned that my voice needed to be heard and my story had the power to change lives. With a newfound resolve and hope, I decided to change the narriative and reinvent who I was through transformational storytelling. At the time, I had no clue this was the beginning of a new journey that would result in me teaching others the same process I learned from writing my first book "That Was Then, This Is Now; This Broken Vessel Restored." My story of hope and restoration would change my life and the lives of others.

From broken to brave...

Writers from all walks of life begain to ask me to teach them how to become published. For many people, untold stories lay dormant in their hearts because they just don't know the correct steps to publication.

Now Remember... and think back when I said there are many ways you can learn how to write a book online, but it can be so confusing... well here's my story behind that.

I had a story but didn’t know how to craft it so that it stood out from the rest. I struggled with the idea of sharing my truth and wondered if people would read it. I knew what I wanted to say but didn’t feel I had the skills it took to take the ideas from my mind and put it on paper.

I didn’t have anyone to teach me what it meant to be an author or anyone to walk alongside me as I learned through trial and error.

What I learned early in the process was that I needed to find my own audience, create my own voice, and do the research it took to publish my book. I learned how to craft my stories that my readers could identify with, enjoy and talk about to other readers.

Today, I am the author of 13 books. My years of applying my new proven framework has earned me best-seller status as well as a two-time, award-winning author in three genres: Christian Fiction, Christian Non-Fiction and Children...

and all of this from writing just ONE BOOK!

And my business grew from one workshop to coaching 1:1, book collaborations and group coaching. I've coached 100's of aspiring authors achieve their goals of becoming best selling authors...

YOU KNOW, you're ONE BOOK away from becoming my next success story!

Now, finally imagine getting your book written and published.

  • Imagine being recognized as the expert in your field.
  • Imagine having a system that tells you what to do, when to do it and how to do it.
  • Now Imagine becoming a self published author and having the templates and blueprint to write and publish whenever you want to.

This course is designed to crush every objection and teach you everything you need to know to make it happen!

This is exactly why we've created the Unlock The Writer in You Program.

This proven success path will teach you how to write, publish and promote your best seller in 90 days.

Now... Before I tell you all about this amazing program...

First, remember... This program is going to help you write your book in 90 days!


“Unlock The Writer in You" Program

Here's how it works..

Here's a breakdown of exactly what you'll have access to when you step inside

Unlock The Writer in You Program.

Module 1

A New Proven Story Framework

Pinpoint and gain clarity on your story so you can create the outline that will speak to your ideal reader. The best writers are those who can frame the outline of their content, ensuring each chapter flows consistently and concisely for the reader. (Value $597)

Module 2

Crafting Your Story Formula

Writers must know their ideal audience so they craft content that compels, sells, and propels their readers. Learn how to extract the benefits from your book that pulls readers in. (Value $697)

Module 3

The Book Building Blueprint

Putting your book all together requires knowing what goes in the front and back of your book, as well as, hiring the right literary team to help put your book together. (Value $597)

Module 4

The Publishing Lab

Learn the steps to finally publishing your book and securing your intellectual property. (Value $997)

Module 5

Book Marketing 101

Before you can promote yourself and your book, you must establish a customized and focused marketing plan. Bringing a new book to the market will require a strategy, a vision and proper planning in order to generate book sales.

(Value $597)

Private Facebook Group

Without depending on yourself, these highly customized, results-driven group will provide you with accountability.

Value: $5,497

Create Your Book Outline

A book outline is a roadmap or blueprint for your story. With a good outline the actual writing of the book becomes fairly easy.

Value: Priceless

Signature Story Workbook

This course workbook will help you pick the best topic to write without the frustration.

Value: $397

Protect Your Intellectual Property

Understand the importance of copyrighting and how to protect your work.

Value: $397

Tax Write Off Checklist

As a business owner you should take advantage of all tax deductions, you’re eligible for without leaving money on the table.

Value: $397

Rolodex of Resources

Find the right literary professionals to help bring your book to life. A listing of editors, graphic and interior designers to vet.

Value: $997

But There's More!

I'm about to make it an offer you can't refuse!

I'm throwing in The Writer's Vault. These three bonuses that will help you catapult your success, skyrocket your influence and grow your bank account!


The Podcast Directory

Are you the best kept secret? Well not anymore. A listing of 10 podcast so your message can explode and travel all over the world.

(Value $397)


Magazine Directory

Imagine yourself on the front cover of a magazine. A magazine feature will surge your creditability, and provides you with more opportunity for a wider audience to see your work. (Value $397)


Boost Your Book

Learn how your book can be a moneymaking maching. You'll get twenty-five different ways to grow your brand and increase your profits.

(Value $397)

These 3 bonuses alone have a total value over $1,191 but they're yours free for
joining Unlock The Writer in You.

It’s Time To Unlock The Writer In You

No more daydreaming.

No more "if only I knew how to..."

No more wishing and waiting.

No more excuses.

No more regrets.

No more confusion.

Choose An Option Below To Get Access


Get started today with ONLY


Followed by 3 monthly installments of $389

  • 12- month access to "Unlock The Writer in You" Curriculum (Value $3,485)
  • Monthly Live Group Coaching Sessions with Certified Story Coach & Award-Winning Author Paulette Harper (Value $5,497)
  • Private Facebook Community for Guidance and Accountability Throughout the Writing Process (Value: Priceless)

  • Templates, Roadmaps and Worksheets. My Templates, Roadmaps & Worksheets are here so you don't have to start from scratch! (Value $497)

Get instant access to the program with this payment plan option today!


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Save $250

  • 12- month access to "Unlock The Writer in You" Curriculum (Value $3,485)
  • Monthly Live Group Coaching Sessions with Certified Story Coach & Award-Winning Author Paulette Harper (Value $5,497)
  • Private Facebook Community for Guidance and Accountability Throughout the Writing Process (Value: Priceless)

  • Templates, Roadmaps and Worksheets. My Templates, Roadmaps & Worksheets are here so you don't have to start from scratch! (Value $497)

Get instant access to the program with this payment plan option today!

NOW... an accelerated and new way to write your book without the struggles, frustration or overwhelm.

Are You Ready To Do The Work?


Prepare yourself to write a great book by getting crystal clear on your topic, ensuring that you have a magnetic message that will position you for success.


Follow my step-by-step framework by creating your outline so you can easily and confidently write your book from beginning to end, chapter to chapter, and cover to cover.


Publish Now! You will control the production process, and successfully self publish, market and promote your book, before during and after the launch.


Enrollment in Unlock The Writer in You is limited. Start today and discover the keys to unlocking the writer in you. Hurry and secure your spot.

BEFORE Unlock The Writer In You Program

  • No matter how much time you’ve spent using Google or YouTube, the process was confusing because you couldn’t figure out what to do next.
  • You have no guidance on how to publish your book, so you feel lost and stuck. Now you're second guessing your own ability to do this alone or even if you have what it takes to get it done.
  • Have you ever had so many ideas but couldn't decide on what story to write or what topic to pick? Or have you ever had so few ideas that finishing the book seemed impossible?
  • You say you're going to finish, but life got in the way. Your family. Your job. And you put your dream on the back burner and left it there. Now you don't know how to pick it back up.
  • No matter what you do, you can't seem to pull the words out of your head to paper.
  • You know other authors have done it, and they make it seem so easy. They're releasing a new book even before the ink dries on the last one while you struggle with trying to write one word.

AFTER Unlock The Writer In You Program

  • A dream fulfilled by having a published book!
  • Start a coaching business and make five-six figures teaching others what you know.
  • Being able to outline your book based on a proven, converting story framework that shows you how to pick the best topic, organize your chapters, using mind mapping, so you can immediately start writing.
  • Having an easy and CLEAR blueprint to follow that gives you the confidence and clarity you trust to move forward without spending another minute Googling every question.

  • As a published author, not only are you able to share your story with the world, you’re also in a position to gain speaking opportunities and influence others. Imagine being able to speak at schools, corporate functions, conferences, and non-profit organizations, and inspire your audience through your subject area.
  • You’ll go from just writing a book, to building a brand, and business and banking your brilliance.

See What Others Are Saying About This Program!

"The program provides great information, and covers all aspects of book publishing."

"This program gave me clarity and now I'm more excited about writing my own book."

"The flow/outline of the course was easy to follow."

" I learned the key to outlining my book was mind mapping."

Finally, A Program That Delivers Results!


Enrollment in Unlock The Writer in You is limited. Start today and discover the keys to unlocking the writer in you. Hurry and secure your spot.

Hi I'm Paulette

Your Creative Story Coach.

I am an Award-Winning Best-Selling Author and Certified Creative Story Coach. Since 2012, I have taught women how to change the narrative and turn those painful experiences into powerful stories.

I specializes in empowering coaches, faith-based leaders, and aspiring authors on how to tell their stories, package their expertise in book format, and make a greater impact by using their voice to change the world.

As the founder of One-Story University, I know you're desire is to write your story, empower your audience, increase your influence, and expand your brand. But there are significant challenges that prevent you from accomplishing these goals.

With over 13 years in the book publishing industry and featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, and other major platforms, I can help you write your way to success. My gift, as a story coach, is to guide you to achieve the end results- completing your book, but it’s up to you to unlock the writer in you.

Who is Unlock The Writer For?

The Unlock The Writer in You Program Is For You If:

  • You want to write a short, nonfiction self-help, how to, personal story book to build your brand and business.
  • You have been trying to write a book for years, but need a blueprint, the tools, and a framework to finish and obtain the results you desire.
  • You are committed to the process.
  • You are dedicated and determined to finish what you start.
  • You are committed to making the time to fulfill your dreams of becoming an author.
  • You make finishing your book a priority.
  • You are a speaker, thought leader, or coach with a proven process of sharing your expertise with others.

The Unlock The Writer in You Program Is Not For You if:

  • You want to write poetry, memoir, children’s book, autobiography, or fiction books.
  • You’re not willing to change your mindset and believe you can get it done in 90 days.
  • You easily allow distractions, and other commitments to get in the way.
  • You don’t have discipline to work independently.
  • You’re not willing to commit to a writing routine that will help you stay on schedule.
  • Your calendar is filled to capacity and you don’t have the time or desire to commit to the process.
  • You’re not willing to do the work that it takes to write, self-publish, and launch your book to make greater impact.

I have no doubt that all your questions about writing and publishing your book will be answered in Unlock The Writer In You.

There Is No Risk For You!

My "No Questions Asked" 7-Day Money-Back Guarantee

I'm taking all the risks. If after trying my methods, you don't get the same life-changing results that I did, I'll refund every penny. What do you have to lose? Become the successful author you have always wanted to become.

Still Need Answers?

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I really write a book in 90 days?

Yes! If you do the work and follow the plan.

What if I don't write a book in 90 days?

Because, you have lifetime access to the program, you will be able to use the program at any time.

Can I share this program with others?

No. This program and the content isn't to be shared with anyone who has not paid for it.

What are the payment options?

You can pay in full or select payment options.

How long do you offer coaching?

You have 90 days of coaching.

If I need additional coaching is that available? 

Additional 1:1 coaching is available for a fee upon request.

When do I get access to the Facebook group?

You'll have access immediately upon signing up.

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